Meet The Team 

Peter Francis - Managing Director 

Peter is a Chartered Engineer and has specialisations in process control and automation. He has always been keen to understand how everything functions and fortunately does put them back together again! 
Alongside his home winemaking, Peter is an active volunteer with young people (ACF and STEM) and has 2 now-adult children who have finished university and now forging their own careers! 
An avid believer that no resonable goal is unacheivable and that values are meant to be upheld! 

Catherine Francis - Director 

Catherine is a teacher by profession, particularly in Maths and Science, but has always been involved with MAT to provide advice on delivering training and general STEM support. 
A keen golfer, Catherine also loves the garden, and with a qualification in Horticulture and Science, has spent the last 30 years trying to teach Peter the latin names of plants! 
Eager to encourage and support young people and adults to overcome their fears of STEM subjects!. 

Matthew Humphreys - Director 

Matthew has many years of expertise in manufacturing and production line improvements, engineering consultancy and process instrumentation, coupled with a mechanical engineering degree. 
He shares the company ethos that people are a vital part of business and industrial processes and has a desire to encourage the most of the assets and people that a manufacturing company already has. 
Matthew also operates a second business hiring photo booths for events and weddings. 

Louis Murdoch - Marketing Associate 

Louis has just graduated with us at the Worcester University Business school studying Marketing.  
With a year of experience gained on placement in his third year he has been brought on for some extra marketing assistance!  
Other than being a cheeky chap both on and off the rugby pitch and a course rep at University, he is also a keen golfer - well more 'All the Gear, No Idea' approach! 

Melissa Mooney - Quality and Environmental Associate 

Melissa is our go-to specialist for anything structured, organised and most importantly, understandable. Although she specialises in both ISO9001 and 14001, for businesses both small and larger, she is keenly interested in making sure that any system makes sense, is usable and doesn’t disrupt the operation of a business. 
She is an advocate of environmental improvement where possible and certainly shows us how to make small changes for ourselves, as well as to advise others. 
She has a fondness for loud noise and taking pictures of bark, mushrooms, leaves and puddles; perhaps an unrequited dream of being a Mycologist.  
(Go on! Look it up!)! 

Craig Grove - System/Software Associate 

Craig is our OT, Software and Database guru. 
He has a phenomenal knowledge and experience of a huge array of software systems and languages, and if we need a design to get data between dissimilar systems or enable human interfaces, then Craig is our first and last port of call. He’s equally at home with industrial PLCs, high level languages and HMI SCADA systems – even having been known to develop them specifically for a client. 
He is always willing to share his knowledge if client personnel are interested and conveys this at a level that doesn’t leave you feeling you need a PhD. 
In a past life Craig has been known to write and play music, design high-specification signal processing systems and was a technical lecturer. We're not quite sure if this was all at the same time! 

Paul Williams - Mechanical Design Associate 

Paul is our Mechanical Design Associate and 3D modelling specialist. 
His uncanny ability to interpret spaces and understand how people, machinery and product work together enables clients to really visualise not only how their plant will look, but also how it can work. Hello to design reviews and information which are exciting to all of the client’s team. 
As you’d expect, Paul is always willing to make sure that the knowledge and information he has is easily understood. 
Paul is a great family man and is keen on some less traditional sports. He is also really enthusiastic about DIY; at least that’s what his wife tells us! 

Tilly - Admin Cat 

Our admin assistant or more like the team's Admin Hindrance, Tilly likes to ensure that our paperwork is unfiled and plays with the paperclips! 
She can often be seen on Zoom calls presenting her best side! 

Our Values 

Integrity and Humility  
Integrity: having strong moral principles, being whole and undivided 
Humility: free of arrogance 
We are unified in our principles and have the courage to stand up and speak out for what is right. 
Although we bring experience and skills, we may not always have the best way and are open to challenge. 
We like to feel that we’re approachable and that you can talk to us about anything. We also don’t hide things that you should know – unless, of course, it’s under a confidentiality agreement. 
We want you to feel comfortable that we’ll listen and support without judgement. 
Whats At Our Core?  
"Honesty? Doesn't everyone say that?" 
This goes to the core of our being. We own our flaws and we tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. 
It’s easy to claim to be honest but sometimes harder to live it. We do both. 
Loyalty and Reliability  
We work hard to build relationships with our Clients, Associates and suppliers and will not let them down. 

How We Do It 

We focus in particular on industrial processes and manufacturing, and there is a significant overlap between humans and machinery that needs to be accommodated in the considerations as well.  
Too often, we’ve seen awkward attempts to shoehorn a lean manufacturing framework into a business where in practice, increased productivity could have been achieved more simply (and at lower cost) by adapting parts of what they already have. We’re of the firm opinion that to achieve a steady improvement, the first step is to overcome any problems – both open and hidden – before attempting to make wholesale changes. Your existing people and equipment are at the core of this. 
You wouldn’t want to change the direction of a bolting horse by standing in it’s way, but by running alongside, you get to know where, how and why it’s heading that way and can coax it to a new and planned direction. 
That’s why we know that it’s so important to us to win the trust of your entire workforce. By listening and sharing, we can often pinpoint the causes of major problems and minor irritations and articulate a future direction that feels like it’s your own. 
Because, in reality, it is! 

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