MAT is delighted to announce that we have agreed a collaboration with Matthew Humphreys of Phoenix Red. 
As a specialist engineering consultancy in the manufacturing and process industries, MAT have had a long history of developing bespoke solutions and process improvements, along with project management, and process automation design in these industries. MAT is unusual because they focus on a more general approach rather than specialise in particular skills, which means that clients don’t need to be able to define their problem to source specialist help. 
This collaboration will enable the team to demonstrate an even wider understanding of different industries, but adds further depth to our mechanical engineering and production line optimisation capabilities. 
The hallmark of both Peter and Matthew is great communication with all levels of an organisation, and this collaboration will enable us to provide additional confidence to our clients. They both believe that improvement doesn’t always have to mean large capital expenditure and work with the existing staff to improve efficiencies and productivity. 
Says MAT Director, Peter Francis: 
“Whenever we tackle a problem, or help a client introduce improvements, we never make assumptions about the right way to approach it. Because we aren’t tied into any particular equipment, or even to specific engineering options, we’ll work with the client to find the best and long-term solution that works for them and their team – which may not necessarily be the cheapest or the obvious initial choice. 
“There are many applications from other industries and innovative approaches which can also be applied to our client’s business, but through constraint of industry norms, many clients aren’t aware and it requires a generalist approach to bring these in, adapt and make them work well. 
“Whilst many consulting companies are focused on digital improvements for manufacturing, we are passionate about making sure that it’s the people in manufacturing who are empowered to make the difference. The changes over the last 18 months have made us look closely at the potential for many smaller manufacturers who have the will, but not always the expertise or time to make the improvements they want to put in place. By helping businesses to develop, and execute, a plan to make the best use of their own people and their existing assets, we give them the confidence and the tools to forge ahead.” 
Matthew Humphreys added: 
Companies have previously been told that technology and digital solutions are the key to company improvements. Our approach is slightly different, in that we believe that, before additional technologies are adopted, there is lots of opportunity to streamline internal processes. This means that, should digital improvements be implemented, they are based on the best possible foundations. 
“The teams within company are the people who know most about the products/processes. We will work with their experience to help improve the core processes before we look at any digital solutions. 
“Having used this approach over many years, in a wide range of industries, we are often able to build on the ideas and skills that already exist in the business. This helps greatly with employee buy-in and co-operation. 
The internal skills are so often forgotten when looking to improve processes.” 
MAT Ltd help businesses who want to make changes to their processes to define the change clearly, to bring them in within budget and with the buy-in of their workforce and specialise in processes that involve transformation or movement. 
To contact Peter Francis at MAT, [email protected] or 01905 888174. 
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