Posts from February 2022

There has been a great deal of talk about a lack of home-grown skills available to manufacturing and technology businesses in the UK, and the recent combination of Brexit and the pandemic has apparently done nothing to make that better - in fact it appears that skills are becoming even more in short supply. 
Perception? Or reality? 
We all say we believe strongly in providing good customer support, but it’s something that all customers expect by default anyway, so why mention it? 
The real customer experience varies quite wildly in practice. 
It shouldn’t matter whether the contract is transactional through the sale of itemisable goods and services, or relational by provision of something bespoke, when something goes wrong, good customer support is essential. 
Any good business would be keen for a customer to buy from them again, and few have the arrogance to rely on a monopoly to ensure that a customer has no choice; retaining existing customers is less effort than finding new ones. 
However, when it comes to customer support or service, this is where the intent and reality often deviate! 
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