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How businesses can embrace the circular economy and create their own small-scale circular economy. 
“The Circular Economy”? I’ve heard of that. Isn’t it about recycling? 
Well, yes, sort of. 
We all live in a world where the majority of people and businesses acknowledge that we need to reduce energy usage, reduce waste, reduce pollution, reduce consumption of precious resources, and the “Circular Economy” has become a term to highlight how what one company discards as waste can be recycled and reused as a commercial product. We have social and commercial drives to ensure that plastic products use a certain minimum percentage of reclaimed or recycled plastic, there’s an industry built upon converting domestic waste into usable energy and we have a recycling policy which tried to minimise what is sent to landfill. 
In general we are coming round to the idea that we can’t continue to create, use and dispose of things, because, put bluntly, that is using raw materials and converting it into waste. Everyone acknowledges (or should) that we need to recycle much more, and we should reduce our use of fossil fuels and virgin materials, but what is this “circular economy”, and is it truly achievable? 
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