Posts from May 2021

From Our What'sUp? Workshop 26 May 2021 

Many businesses have assets in the form of equipment which is used in the provision of services or manufacture. Each asset has an expected life, and the cost of these assets is offset in the accounts over a period of time so that the value within the company reduces. 
That’s the financial aspect. 
However, this same equipment adds value to the output of the company. Once the expected life has been reached, do we discard them and purchase new ones? 

From Our What'sUp? Workshop 26 May 2021 

How do we know where something is manufactured? 
It’s on the packaging, right? 
Unfortunately, it’s not quite so simple because, according to our panel on the Workshop, materials can be sourced from one country, repackaged, or used in some way and then shipped onward to another destination. In some cases, the packaging may show something different to reality, such as when the outer package is re-used or repurposed. After all, we’re all interested in reducing our carbon footprint so using a box that is the right size makes sense. 


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